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JImageDB is a system of applications for creating, displaying, and maintaining a categorized, keyword-searchable database of images. It is implemented in 100% Pure Java for maximum platform independance. The display component is intended to operate correctly from a read-only set of directories, such as one finds on a CD-ROM. The ultimate goal of this project is to allow a set of images, with its supporting data definitions and display system, to be burned onto CD's, which can then be distributed to a wide audience of non-technical users.

You guessed it, I am planning on using this system to send a bunch of baby pictures to my grandmother. I just wanted her to have more options than just a slideshow.

I would like to thank Stefan Reich for supplying what may be the most light-weight and Java-friendly data storage system: SMYLE. It is simple to use, maps well into an OO paradigm, has a low footprint, and is very fast. It does have some limitations, but I highly recommend this system for any Java project that does not require full SQL support (especially "WHERE" clauses on joined table queries).

I would also like to thank the good folks as Mort Bay Consulting for developing and supporting Jetty, a 100% Java, embeddable Open Source HTTP server and Servlet container. Its lightweight construction allowed me to fit all of the server components used in JImageDB onto a single floppy (very helpful with my dial-up connection I use at home).

Finally, JImageDB is able to launch "default" browsers thanks to the BrowserLauncher class developed by Eric Albert.


Many thanks to SourceForge.net Logo for hosting this project site.
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